We offer a comprehensive range of specialized training sessions that give awareness of endocrine disorders, including hormone imbalance, thyroid disorder management, adrenal disorders, and diabetes management in adults and children. Additionally, we will work alongside the patient's specialist consultants and nurses to ensure that the care being given remains consistent and in line with local NHS trust policy.

Endocrine Skills Training Courses

Diabetes Awareness

T1, T2, gestational, Maturity-onset diabetes of the young (MODY)

The attendees will be able to give detail of:

  • describe the anatomy and physiology of the endocrine system
  • describe the different types of diabetes
  • recognise the signs and symptoms of diabetes
  • Explain different methods of managing diabetes, including diet, exercise, insulin, and medication
  • Support adults and CYP with diabetes on their journey from diagnosis through to the transition from paediatric to adult services.

BM Monitoring Devices

The attendees will be able to give detail of:

  • the difference between blood glucose and blood sugar levels.
  • identify the signs and symptoms of high and low blood sugar
  • normal and excessive blood glucose levels.
  • why it is important to monitor and control blood sugar levels.
  • Different types of BM monitoring devices
  • When and how to test blood sugar.
  • Demonstrate safe blood sugar taking and recording